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Ursula Karven in German Playboy of the Day

Ursula Karven is some German actor who I don’t know anything about other than that she’s got a great fucking ass….and good tits too….and she’s showing them off for April’s Playboy Germany….and that she’s a mom of two pushing 50 who had a 4 year old drown in Tommy Lee’s pool….maybe I know all there is to know about her…

I also know that this kind of woman shouldn’t exist, she is that good….so good that it makes me wonder if this was all part of Hilter’s master Aryan race plan, was his goal to get rid of the ugly chicks so all Germans looked and aged like this, is she a product of his Aryan race lab project 20 years after the war ended…cuz she’s gotta be genetically modified….

I just don’t have those answers, and I don’t think genocide is the right, but maybe he was onto something, cuz the world would be a better place if all women looked liked this…something even those affected by World War II can’t deny.

TO See the Rest of the Pics

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