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I am – Christina Aguilera’s Pregnant Upskirt of the Day


Here’s Christina Aguilera showing her vagina, because like all ready to drop mothers to be who are in and out of doctor appointments showing the world their cunts at least once a week, it’s not that big deal. Not that it ever was for her, because based on her music videos you’d think she was some kind of whore sex addict, but the reality is that most girls who talk sex and live sex and do sex dances for the world to jerk off to, don’t actually have sex. It’s just one of those things called marketing.

Another one of those things is that she knows that the her vagina will never be the same again and figures she should let the world know what it was like in its glory days. Unfortunately, I don’t have super virgin powers and can’t make out any lip, so this vagina slip is a fuckin’ bust by my standards becasue I’ve seen more pussy on my dad and I never even met my dad, but I used to pretend ever dude my mom would bring home to fuck for money was my dad, and based on the shit I saw, those fucker’s got mad pussy cuz she was cheap and easy. Kinda like Aguilera.

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