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Valentina Shaposhnik for XXL Russia of the Day

Valentina Shaposhnik is what I assume is a Russian Glamour Model, something I didn’t know existed before today, but I guess should have known existed, because a Glamour model is really just a chick with big old tits, often times new tits, who poses for the same magazine over and over again…..cuz after googling her…cuz I’m an investigative journalist…I found that she’s done at least 5 shoots for XXL RUssia before…representing their lack of effort and creativity, despite her being a total standard looking babe I would always look at naked, because Russia is filled with babes who would be willing to do this, and who I’d be willing to look at doing this, cuz based on the mail order bride sites I browse looking for a replacement to my beater, I’ve found so much gold….but I guess why kill a good thing off…especially when she’s probably dating the publisher….who insists use my girl…or you’re all fucking fired…that’s usually how these things work..

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