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Valerija Kelava by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello Gets Racy of the Day

Valerija Kelava is an actual model. She’s Slovenian, which I guess means she’s first generation non-communist. Probably from a poor family who was given the option of escaping due to her height, instead of being forced into a life of mail order brides, cam girl, human trafficking, but I’ve never heard of her so maybe I am wrong.

What I do know is that she’s signed with actual reputable model agencies…throughout Europe and new york.

I also know that SOFIA Sanches and Mauro Mongiello are a photography duo who have done tons of photoshoots, covers, with celebrities, and now they are dabbling in a little more racy nudes….

I mean this is fashion, on a model, but also what Larry Flynt was shot for – showing the pink.

Excitng times for all of us are here.

Baby – Personal Work from Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello on Vimeo.

Valerija – Personal Work from Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello on Vimeo.

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Valerija Kelava for Mixt(e) of the Day

No idea who Valerija Kelava….but her name is pretty American sounding so I am gonna assume she’s from the Midwest, her dad is a car sales man, her mom a house wife…they have a suburban bungalow and she went to public school, where she dated the quarterback….and shopped at WalMart….where she was recruited to show her pussy for fashion….and decided to do it cuz it was better than working the local diner….and because it had nothing to do with trying to get her fucking green card…cuz she’s fucking American born and bred….and who fucking cares about her story…when you can just stare at her pussy.

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Valerija Kelava & Chloe Memisevic Horse Themed Fetish Pics for Fashion of the Day

I don’t really get the whole Horse Fetish, Equuis Erotica or whatever the fuck the fetish is called, because horses just aren’t part of our daily lives, sure in a time before cars, when all the rich folk had to ride their horses to town, developing lasting relationships with them, all while being around their massive, majestic genitals, I can see this kind of weirdness forming….but in this generation…there’s no real reason for it…

Sure. I am all for horse hair tail butt plugs and I have been for a long time….and I don’t mind some leather, harnesses or even a saddle…but it still only really makes sense to me when it is starring two models showing their tit for a fashion shoot….

Titties for Fashion!!!!

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