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Vanessa Lawrens Topless for FHM of the Day

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Vanessa Lawrens is some dude named Mario Balotelli’s wife or fiancé and she’s naked or at least topless in FHM France…because that’s what quality nude models with fake tits who seduce athletes because it is a good retirement plan do…

I’m into it, I just wouldn’t be if I was a pro Athlete, I mean why bother marrying these gutter opportunist wallet fucking gold digging hookers who have probably banged hundreds of dudes before you to get the same outcome they are getting with you…They are at their prime now, fuck em and leave em, cuz you know they’ll let you fuck anything you want as they try to seduce you, and so many girls out there probably want the same thing milk it, never give in…make a reality show out of it….I mean quality wife material isn’t in magazines showing their tits…random sluts you fuck cuz you can are…so that’s what should be going down…not that I care, I’ve never heard of Vanessa Lawrens or her soccer husband, but I have seen their tits.

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