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Vanessa Milde For Treats Magazine #5 of the Day

In case you don’t know, Treats Magazine is some Fashion porn magazine out of LA, started by porn guys who realized mainstream advertisers like fashion nudity, not Sasha Grey getting throat fucked nudity, and there’s more money in a Mercedes ad, than a porn membership at.

So they figured to hires awesome photographers and aspiring models who are already with agencies but not getting anywhere, making them eager and willing to do whatever it takes to get out of their low-end competitive modeling, world and next level that shit. You know, really make a name for themselves in some hot erotica that can be spinned into nothing deemed trashy.

So it’s like two winning situations, coming together, to make you come together, but luckily at different computers, in different buildings, because that would be gay.

Think about that next time you cum, somewhere in the world, another dude is busting at the exact same time as you, like your orgasming bredren, you may or may not know, in some seriously homo shit, that’s really not homo, like getting a blowjob from a tranny with tits, as long as she keeps her underwear on…..Out of site out of mind bro

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