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Vanessa Minnilo Eating Some Frozen Yogurt of the Day

I am tired of writing this site, I am going to go sit outside the ice cream parlour and hope for hot young girls to come by, to do inappropriate things with dairy, but I know they never will show up because it’s fucking freezing here and the ice cream shops are all shut down for the winter, but I can pretend they aren’t by living through these pic tures of Vanessa Minnilo suckin’ back some Low Fat Frozen yogurt like a fat chick who just heard her favorite flavor’s been discontinued and she’s gotta get as much of it in her belly as possible before it’s too late. The kind of urgency that isn’t really urgent, but can ruin a fat girl’s life if she doesn’t act on it, but you don’t care about fat chicks, and either do I, and I am married to one that I’d sell at auction like the pig that she is, if I could, But you do care about Nick Lachey and whether this bitch treats Nick Lachey’s dick as well as she does this spoon, and that’s a little weird. Weirdo.

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