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Vanessa Paradis Lookin’ Hot of the DAy

Out with the old, in with the new.

In every divorce, or break up because you were never married, because you aren’t into convention, and because you always wanted bastard out of wedlock babies….comes a bitter ex who has fire under her ass and something to fucking prove, because her A-List husband left her for some harlot, barely famous, hooker on set…who everyone thinks is fucking hotter that the old…

This is why gyms exist, why plastic surgery exists, because if we didn’t live in a vain world filled with temptation, and hot new pussy who like A-list husbands…No one has morals or values…especially not me…but I am more into going after the broken down wife who can’t get over the rejection, because they put in more effort and have lower standards, and are really just easier.

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