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Vanessa Perroncel Celebrates Her Wallet Fucking of the Day

Apparently she’s a lingerie model. I’ve never heard of her and I probably won’t, because she never has to work again. She got knocked up by a soccer player named Wayne Bridge and now she is getting paid 7,000 pounds, or 14,000 dollars until the kid turns 18, cuz that’s just how child support works when you are rich even though that number is total insanity, sure I don’t have kids but what the fuck kind of amenities does the fucker need, at 1.4 million dollars a year, the little fucker shouldn’t even bother going to school, but instead should be living the good life with an entourage of other 3 year olds….

Unfortunately, I know the truth in child support and that paying it, no matter how much money you make, you know the bitch you shoulda used a condom with, is gonna spend it on herself otherwise she woulda got an abortion, cuz that’s just the way bitches work, whether you marry them or not…

I guess the real issue is not the fact that she’s out celebrating this new money, proving to everyone her intentions, but more who the fuck she is out celebrating with, cuz that girl needs to borrow some of that child support money to fix her fucked up burn victim face.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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