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Sarah Michelle Gellar Naked for Vaseline of the Day

Here are some shots from a new Vaseline ad with Sarah Michelle Gellar. I am sure Vaseline is really happy about spending the big bucks to cast her since this could be any blond haired naked girl because most of bitch’s face is cut out of the fucking frame and that makes no sense to me.

It reminds me of the time I put a red wig on my wife and pretended she was a fat Lohan, it didn’t really look anything like Lohan but smelled like shit, so I just closed my eyes and pretended.

The real issue is why Vaseline is even advertising in the first place. I am sure most Sarah Michelle Gellar fans know Vaseline better than the average man, since they spend most of their unemployed life’s jerking off to Buffy reruns and she’s the closest thing they’ve ever had to sex and still hold onto the dream that they will end up together when they aren’t playing videogames.


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