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Nude Wrestlers of the Day

I am not even going to bother looking up these two wrestler chicks to see if these nude pics of them are legit or not.

I am going to assume that they are a couple of possible ex hookers, strippers or porn chicks turned WWE girls, because WWE girls all look like hookers…that kind of look speaks to the wrestling market, which for the most part is serious white trash, that is very very very loyal to the whole wrestling movement and love and support everything that has to do with wrestling, making me realize that wrestling is just

Their names are Melina and Velet Sky and I feel like they are jumping on the band wagon of “The Fappening” celeb nude hack of the century. Because if I was looking for PR, I’d be doing the exact same thing…especially when I am the closest thing to being a pornstar without doing porn.

Bonus – Here is WWE Diva Rosa Mendes having a Wardrobe Malfunction last night during her match on ”Main Event” live on the WWE Network.

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