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Victoria Sinitsina Nipple Slip on Ice of the Day

Victoria Sinitsina Nipple Slip on Ice

Victoria Sinitsina is a Russian figure skater who flashed her nipples in Laval Quebec…just a thirty minute drive from me….tits so close to home….like I realize that very woman I see on the street, every apartment in my building, every house on my street, even ever commercial property, store and restaurant has had a lot of exposed pussy and tits…today, everyday, all day…..and that’s right next door…so why would I care about a skating nip slip?

Because skating is one of the most erotic sports, as Canadians, along with our Legal weed, we are trained and cultivated to jerk off to Figure Skating that airs on our government run TV station that is available by antennae….because the women in their little athletic bodies are out there flashing ass and now tits….and when you don’t have internet because it’s the early 90s…you give into that patriotic requirement….so while you Americans are fighting each other on everything political… us Canadians are jerking off to Figure Skating on TV…in our Igloos…

Point being, skating is the last sport where women are still women…in skirts….not trans…all while the men are queer as fuck…and there is something nostalgic to that.


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