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2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Pictures of the Day

Adrian Lima, Chanel Iman, Candice Swanepoel, Nicki Minaj, Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart, got over paid to get half naked and walk down the runway in some annoying playful way, that only works cuz they are hot at they are half naked….decent scam….

But I think it’s a load of fucking shit….boring, irritating….A bunch of dumb cunts dancing around like idiots – acting a fool on stage like this shit matters or is more than just a marketing campaign for some BORING, UNINSPIRED…..corporate monster….

It’s not creative, it’s not erotic, it’s just a fucking cash grab….but like I said…it only works cuz the bitches are hot and half naked…so I got no choice but to go along withit, i just want you to know I fucking hate them all, but more importantly I hate Victoria’s Secret and their devil work….

The highlight of the show was some Lima mom pussy camel toe….

Here are the rest of the pics of half naked bitches in stupid costumes…now you don’t have to watch the shit when it hits TV….because you have the power to make these push up bra masters disappear….

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