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Victoria’s Silvstedt White Whore Dress of the Day

Victoria Silvstedt is a nobody…I have no idea why I am compelled to put up pictures of her. She’s nothing but a uselss prostitute..working for some billionaire as his Mistress cuz he always wanted pussy that was once in Playboy…Seriously, I think she was famous for a month 14 years ago…I am convinced the average perseon has no idea who she is but for some reason I’m staring at her Swedish body, lean, tanned, fake tits, fake face, fake hair, like it’s some kind of time warp and I just walked into a stripclub in 99, when all bitches looked like this prepping for Y2k, trying to join Pam Anderson’s army or some shit….

She’s not naked or getting fucked in these pictures…she’s walking around with what could be her boy toy she gets to fuck while the billionaire jerks off in the corner….and There’s really no reason for me to post about her, other than to say this is some kind of mystery, I’ll never really understand….

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Victoria’s Silvstedt is Still a Useless Whore of the Day

Here’s vile, disgusting, used-up, prostitute, whore pussy that goes by the name Victoria Silvstedt. She’s the original Swedish nobody who got herself some fake tits and a few nude modeling jobs in the 90s, making her some kind of “It” girl amongst perverts on the internet for a little while, before ruining some midget billionaire Greek shipping dude’s marriage when she got caught getting eaten out by him on the beach, only to try to sue every site, including mine for posting the shit, making her pretty much my fucking enemy who I would love to shit on everytime I can, but unfortunatelty, she’s into getting shit on, so long as the shit comes out of a billionaire she’s using for his money’s ass, cuz being his useless whore he disrespects is her fucking job, but in her defense, 500 dollar bottle of wine, filet mignon and gourmet food diet makes for a real tasty scat party….Either way, I hate this cunt and here are some pics of her unfortunately still alive….

Pics via Fame

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