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Vida Guerra is still awesome…of the Day

Vida Guerra lives…

I guess she never really went anywhere and was consistently posting over the years, but I am sure no one really remembered her or really watched her aging process…it is depressing to see.

I am sure Vida Guerra has a few people who still remember her as her relevance of being the FHM Ass from the 90s…..assuming people still remember what FHM was….I figure the people on this site do…cuz you’re old as fuck.So Vida went viral when the world was getting excited about asses, thanks to the men’s magazines…..but was then forgotten…

She’s back! Thanks to plastic surgery procedures everyone on social media use…it’s accessible and attainable…and way easier than the surgeries she used to get back in the 90s…..

So here she is at 45…killin’ it cuz she can…..

The comeback tour, the revival, the big booty faking it cuz everyone is faking it and all you perverts don’t care cuz you just like lookin’ at it.

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