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Video that Sucks of the Day

This video sucks because it isn’t funny. It is supposed to be a parody on some Japanese commercial that I haven’t seen and that I don’t care to see because I don’t live in Japan and don’t need to buy Japanese products making their commercials pretty much obsolete to me, no matter how funny they are.

This video also sucks because the company who produced it claims to be “Comedy that is Funny”. I like think we are smart enough to come to our own conclusions as to what is funny and what isn’t funny and just because you say you are funny, doesn’t mean you are funny. Like that ugly chick who I had beef with last weekend who thought she was hot. It’s one of those you can’t full me motherfucker, situations.

This video sucks because the joke is putting a wig in a bikini bottom and that is some frat boy “Oh my god she has huge bush, look at her try to get rid of her hug bush with the chainsaw and other household appliances cuz her bush is so fucking big”, shit and I don’t appreciate it.

The only think that doesn’t suck about this commercial parody from the people that put funny back into comedy is that there’s a bitch in a bikini and usually that’s good enough for me.

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