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Hot Model extreme eater VS Chicken Fries and Other stpNeWS of the Day

Dude on Scooter Sent Flying…

Sad – Moose Running Into Wall…

Out of Control Truck

Baby Stuck in Hot Car in Philly – PRANK ..

Heroin Smuggler

Tornado VS Starbucks!

Woman Beat in San Francisco…

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Prankster Picks Up Underage Girls of the Day

Here’s a 20 million view Youtube video that came out 2-3 days ago, where dude, with the permission of the parents, pretended to be a 15 year old boy, and lured 13 year old girls in the park to meet him…..probbaly something you freaks jerk of to…

It’s pretty next level…but pretty fucking asshole on the poor girls he’s tricked into it, traumatizing the shit out of the girls, but I guess they need to know…..that the internet is a crazy place, which is why I am anonymous on it, and why I don’t understand why people put all their information out there…I’ve been on the internet since the 90s and know how fucking weird and creepy people are…

Doesn’t matter….it’s still a win, worth watching.

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