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Vienna Girardi in her Bikini of the Day

She’s some bitch who was on The Bachelor…who gives a fuck…her entire career has been based on the Bachelor…and aspiring actress or not…her entire IMDB is Bachelor related…making me realize she’s nothing but a bottom feeder and bikini pics of a bottom feeder just piss me off as I expect more commitment to their quest to be famous…ideally via nudity…


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Vienna Girardi’s Bikini Ass For Publicity of the Day

I hate the concept of the Bachelor…I mean not if I was the bachelor, you know having a dozen or more girls under the age of 25 fighting for your dick, not cuz they want your dick, but cuz girls hate each other, are competitive with each other, and try to do all that they can to come outon top, cuz if they win, that means they are the top whore in the eye of the general public who buy into this shit cuz their own lives are too fucking boring or stimulating to have their own fun…..

I just hate that it’s all staged, fabricated, contractual, immoral crap that idiots buy into….I hate hearing people talking about it, sucked into it, even if I don’t hate that the contestants are all annoying bitches who wish they will get famous, loving the attention of being on TV, whoring out for the world to see….cuz I like whores….

Either way, here’s the winner from 2009 in her bikini…with her new boyfriend…who is not the love of her life who proposed to her on the show…cuz guess what you can’t fall in love when you’re in it to win it…or more importantly when you don’t actually know the dude cuz it’s all a front…..

Here are the pics…

To See The Rest of the Pics of This Bottom Feeding Whore

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Vienna Girardi Bikini Ass of the Day

Here is some attention whore named Vienna Girardi’s ass in her bikini….

She’s from the show The Bachelor…which pretty much means she’s trying to get noticed, because bitches don’t sign-up for that shit lookin’ for love, but instead sign-up looking to be famous, cuz there’s a breed of pussy that think they have what it takes to make it, they just haven’t had the right exposure to date or some shit…

I hate the show The Bachelor. I find it disgusting. I don’t understand why any network in the USA would co-sign, produce and release it to the public, especially when that network is ABC, which is some Disney owned shit….

I have no morals, I love fucking whores, I love doing dirty things in general and I don’t mind being seen as a creep, freak or pervert but I expect the mainstream media to have morals, because that’s what America is all about, it is the American way, you know, the balance of the hypocrisy of the super Christian wholesome existance and the reality that everyone is sex crazed money hungry perverts…

So whenever this shit hits and I see a group of girls slutting out for the attention of one dude…and the American public, all while America watches intensely…Part of me realizes we have some fucking hope… and that one day girls won’t get mad when you date them and 10 other girls at the same time, but also that TV will mimic real life…which in your case makes for some real boring programming…cuz watching a motherfucker jerk off on his computer before taking out the trash before having dinner with his mom is not that stimulating…but it is exciting when the prude shit shoved down our throats slowly loosens-up so that one day I’ll see fucking on primetime…

SO I’m not too sure if The Bachelor is the fall of society or breaking down boudaries…I just know I hate the shit…but then again…I’m not a married woman in a 9 to 5 job looking for some excitement cuz emotionally eating isn’t cutting it for me anymore…

To See the Pictures – Follow THis Link

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