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Vince Neil’s Imported Stripper Tits of Love of the Day

I wonder if this relationship is based on love. Or just love for money in exchange for younger, taller, thinner, more immigrant looking tits…..

Not that any relationship is ever really based on love, it’s more hate, resentment, obligation and fear of being alone…..

But based on her tits, it’s pretty clear to me that he wants stripper tits to fuck, she wants rock and roll money attached to the cock, cuz her last boyfriend who worked the gas station with a drinking problem wasn’t rock and roll money….so the whole thing works out nicely and keeps everyone happy…

It’s the circle of life….or maybe it’s the circle of groupie pussy…I don’t know what it is a circle of, I don’t even know if it is a fucking circle…fuck you…you all know why he’s smiling, cuz he fucking won…

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