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Violet Budd in Some Lingerie Catalog Shots of the Day

Agent Provocateur is one of the more erotic high end lingerie companies.

Sure, I assume Victoria’s Secret probably manufactures in their sweatshops overseas, because I have this feeling that Victoria’s Secret owns all the production of all the underwear in the world…thanks to their founder who had a serious panty fetish and Jewish sense of business, turning it into a billion dollar empire…

But their story is that son of Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, created some retro lingerie line that was far edgier and more erotic than what is out there, and they did…for the last decade or more they’ve been making and marketing hot lingerie, with hot models, and they don’t edit out the nipples, cuz the nipples is what makes underwear erotic…that and the shit stains.

This model is named Violet Budd, and I like her.

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