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Virginia Gardner Got Tits of the Day

Virginia Gardner is a set of 24 year old tits…I’ve never heard of, so I checked out her wikipedia to see her backstory…which is as lame as you’d expect an aspiring actor’s backstory to be…and it involves watching Dakota Fanning dealing with Sean Penn’s autism in I am Sam….a movie about an Autistic man raising a kid…in a how the fuck did that even happen…I guess I’ll have to watch the movie…but when it comes to Sean Penn I am only really interested in his daughter Dylan and being invited to their Hawaiian Beach house…because I need a vacation…from my unemployed life…

That said, since developing an unhealthy obsession with Dakota Fanning this one and her tits, have been in Halloween (the Danny McBride one) and some Marvel shit for the virgin loser nerds into comic shit probably liked cuz of the comic aspect but also cuz of her tits.

The last thing you need to know is that she identifies as a Feminist….like every single person out there..but luckily she made a point of telling us…because how else would we know….based on her shameless use of tits.

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