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I Still Want Susan Boyle’s Virgin Pussy of the Day

I figure if Susan Boyle really wanted to get laid, she’d do something about her fucking mustache. For the most part dudes who have virgin fetishes and who dream about and only want to fuck virgin pussy, have that fetish because the pussy isn’t attached to a fucking weather old, fat mustached face, but I’m sure a motherfucker in her hometown is kicking himself for not climbing up her luscious legs and popping her cherry that by now is long rotten or has grown into more of plum, because running her thick, grey pubic hair through his hand would have given the motherfucker the good life and the worst thing in all this is that if she had put her virginity on eBAY before she got famous, I woulda totally bid on the shit, cuz I love virgins…..

See, I’d totally fuck her brains out just to see how it feels cuz I hear virgins are tight, but I need more research to see how that tightness ages, so it’d be strictly for science and by science I mean I am a pervert who has no fucking standards…the only thing I’d change about this bitch is that I’d make her shave her ‘stache. Movember’s over and I don’t like making out with men, even if they still have their hymen….

Here she is in her LINGERIE…..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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