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Vivien Solari Titties for Interview of the Day

I never heard of Vivien Solari because she’s been retired from modelling in the early 2000s, around the time I started the site, which means I never saw her early titty modelling work as she was off having a bunch of babies, and which also means she’s old as fuck, but not to old to make a comeback and make some fucking money, showing those tits, before it’s too late leaving her in a place where she blames her shitty kids for ruining her body, her career, and all the stuff she could have done, if she hadn’t let their dad come in her, and I guess this is her protesting that fate, fighting it one two titties at a time, ready to for another round….and I encourage that cuz of #tits.

Never Too Old for Tits…when the right pervert is watching…

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