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Someone Threw Up on Drew Barrymore of the Day

There is nothing hot about Drew Barrymore….I mean other than to perverts child molesters who haven’t got over her role in E.T….but seriously she has got to be one of the most over-hyped girls in Hollywood and I guess it is all thanks to a long line of generations of famous actors and a her Godparents being Steven Spielberg and Sophia Loren Hollywood in her family….but that doesn’t mean anything…I’m sure anyone with the raw talent she possesses could have been the great mind behind Beverly Hills Chihuahua and all the other bullshit she’s produced, wrote, directed and acted in…while everyone around her, who encourages her like some blind kid riding a bike for the first time or some shit…..ignores the fact that she is ugly as fucking shit….

Here are some pictures of her at her new movie “Everyone’s Fine” premiere and she’s dressed like someone threw up all over her dress because I guess it only comes natural since she’s lived her entire life lookin like someone threw up on her face…..

Pics via INF

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