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Homeless Woman Wake-Up Call of the Day

Some people who stay at fancy hotels have a nice, friendly, happy girl at the front desk calling them so that they don’t miss their plane. Some people who live in nice homes have a luxurious alarm clock that wakes them up to soothing music to start their day off right, other people have shit like “UV” alarm clocks that simulate the sunrising in their rooms, some people like me wake up when we have to go throw up our insides all over the toilet because the older we get the less our stomach can handle the nightly hard drinking…..wll other people wake up to a stream of fucking piss from annoying dudes who think it’s funny that you’re asleep on the fuckin’ sidewalk and as bad as this may be, because maybe the woman isn’t right mentally, or maybe she’s an addict and needed the money they paid her to do this to her, or maybe they are just dicks and thought it was funny, but it is the life she chose for herself so don’t feel bad laughing at this…not that you would…

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