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Wanda Orme Almost Interesting Self Portraits of the Day

Wanda Orme is some self proclaimed artist, rich kid, from the UK who moved to LA to go to school and to develop her art with more of an intellectual approach..

You know, if you take your slutty photos without a Master’s Degree in Sociology, can you even consider what you do a contribution to the world…of course you can’t…it’s just shameless…

But when you can apply bullshit collegiate theories to your half nudes, about the plight of man and gender and all that other shit we don’t care about cuz we just want to see the tits….it becomes pretty fucking pretentious….

It’s like she took the long and convoluted road to taking shameless pics of herself….because sometimes it takes a bitch some time to get her feet wet or to convince herself that what she is doing is more important than it actually is.

I almost ALMOST…i repeat ALMOST like these pics, but there’s something missing…I am not buying her angle….her cropped out face, look at her body….nonsense….

But maybe I just can’t accept someone calling themselves an artist. I like to think that is something that OTHER people call you…and not just vapid idiots who want to seem important, in a childish bullshit way….like “Oh I’m an artist, you’re an artist, I’m a model, you’re a writer, I’m a film maker, you’re a musician”…when you’re all jsut a bunch of rich kids in a loft acting important…The “I’m a Filmmaker” line fucking kills me…especially now when everything is digital and all you do is edit on some software clips you shot on your iphone….clown.

I like when society as a whole embraces what you do…and not because you tell them what you do….over and over and over….Don’t tell me what you are, I’ll tell you what you are…cuz that’s how REAL society works.

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Wanda Orme for TREATS! of the Day


I’ve never heard of Wanda Orme and according to her instagram…. either has anyone else…but the dudes at TREATS! Magazines found her wherever they find their LA chicks who get naked for their fashion shoots, to get into the circle of exclusive parties and dates with really rich LA dudes who invested in TREATS! like the facebook Twins…and other dudes who like fresh pussy served to them as models rather than sugar babies…or hookers…because it feels more authentic…

Either way, she’s amazing.

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