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Some Almost Racist Watermelon Soda of the Day

Here is an example of people being bored as shit and trying to create issues out of nothing. The story goes like this, dudes go into a store in Harlem, they find a can of Watermelon soda with the face of a black girl on one side and a white kid on the other, and they decide to milk the black girl and call this company out for being racist, when the real racist is the asshole who thought it was racist to begin with because of the stereotype that black people like watermelon, which for the record they do. If I saw a black girl eating watermelon on a can of fuckin’ soda, the last thing I would think is that shit is fuckin’ racist, but instead think it’s affimitive action, cuz if they put a white bitch on the can, the black people would call the company racist for not including black people in their packaging, like they did with Barbie and every other toy out there. Either way, you can’t jerk off to this, unless you stick it up your ass and massage your prostate, but I’m posting it anyway.

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