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Tara Reid’s Waving to You of the Day

I would like to fuck Tara Reid just to see what my dick would come out lookin’ like. See as a fellow alocoholic I know that hygiene’s not top priority when you’re getting always fuckin’ drunk, so I’m sure she’s got some goodies up in that shit, and I’m always up for a treasure hunt, I mean when they involves searching vagina. I’m thinking that along with used condoms and beer bottlecaps, there’s also miscarriages fused to her uterine wall, a Rolex watch from some fisting episode gone wrong that she forgot even took place when she woke up and the whole experience would be amazing….I guess it’s good to have dreams….otherwise what are we really living for….

Here she is with a man who knows far too well what her pussy does to your dick, proving by his homo shirt, warning the fags he’s almost on their team from all the ass fuckin’ he’s been going thru to avoid her cunt, and with the fact that his fly is down, trying to air shit out…

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