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Weird Invention of the Day

I saw this video of some dude pulling a mini-pole / stripper stage on a bike thru New York and wondered what kind of motherfucker came up with this idea. You know, what kind of virgin sat in his basement building this thing. Was he hoping to get rich or was he just into strippers. We may never know…

I get having the pole in your living room or bedroom to convince girls to get up on the shit before you fuck them and I get having the pole at the stripclub, and I even get when girls feel frisky and drunk use random poles they find outside on the street or in a club to show off their tricks they learned at their suburban mom pole dance lessons, but towing a bitch around for the world to see just seems like a waste of fuckin energy, as the driver you can’t even see the show, as a stripper you can’t get money thrown your way and you can’t give private dances as you’re rollin’ thru the streets, unless a motherfucker runs after you and the whole thing seems exhausting and too much work to just entertain unappreciative pricks….I can only assume it’s an art project or a shitty publicity stunt that I’ll only enjoy when it comes to my town, until then, shit is retarded but not as retarded as me today, I blame heavy drinkin.

I’d rather watch this thick Brazilian shit, even though I prefer my women to not be fat

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