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Nicolas Cage’s Son Proves You Can’t Raise a Normal Kid in Hollywood of the Day

Here’s Weston Cage and his gang of rejects….fucking losers acting like the idiots they are…proving that Nic Cage is a horrible dad who raised his kid with a trsust fund to get him out of her hair while he was being famous and successful, leading to this Weston Cage motherfucker being a tormented soul, all gothic and dark, who humiliates himself in efforts to get his dad to noticee him, and with famous fathers, comes latch on bitches with big tits who fuck you and fight you, in efforts to make themselves famous, and the whole thing is so fucking weird, but I’d still like to watch the sex tape. It’d be hysterical and his wife and her dyke seem stripper enough to make it good. Something to consider.

All this to say….What a crying for attention spoiled brat….I hate people like this… but they are funny fucking idiots…

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