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When a Stranger Calls: Movie Review


Remember that time you spent your Friday night drinking $7 rum and cokes at a place called “Lustâ€? or something equally gay, and the only thing that saved your night was getting so drunk that you didn’t have a chance to get depressed over not getting any pussy, again. Then, you wake up the next day on the couch, pants around your ankles, limp dick in hand, a headache so bad and cramps in your side that are making it hard to breathe.

And then when you finally make it to the washroom your asshole explodes into this horrible pile of green garbage, covering your toilet seat with olive green liquid shit, that you have to clean up before your mom walks in to see what all that noise is.

Well this is the movie version.

The only thing that made this movie worth the 15 dollars was following bitches in the theatre home, breaking into their homes, hiding in their washroom and surprising them when they go brush their teeth before bed. It’s always funny to surprise someone already on edge….it’s not a very good way to get laid though 3 out of 4 girls call the cops, that is if you let them live.

Camilla Belle: The Main Character

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