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Natalie from The Facts of Life Is Still Relevant of the Day

Sure she was a fat teenage girl in the 80s when on The Facts of Life and has probably done very little since that job, but for some reason the Paparazzi still care. Clearly, they are desperate fucks who try to get any smut they can, even a “where are they now” of a girl who no one ever cared where she was when she was on TV, and the whole thing is pretty funny and that is why I am posting it. Even she doesn’t understand how fucking pathetic these pigs are….

On a side note, the site Hollywood.tv doesn’t post their videos on Youtube anymore for all to embed and make fun of. They were taken over by some scamming corporate site that’s trying to be TMZ called Buzznet, a company that owns a bunch of the blogs, like WWTDD, TheSuperficial and others, all the paparazzi agency sites and even a bunch of celebrity personal blogs like Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Some people from The Hills, and basically control, fabricate and distribute bullshit while making tons of money doing it and now Hollywood.tv has signed up with the devil, and their videos are all of a sudden “exclusive” and not free to embed and use….

Not that you care, but I think they’re all a bunch of assholes…and now I’ll be getting lawyers letters for posting their shit that was free the last 2 fucking years…money grubbing piece of shit motherfuckin’ assholes…..

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