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Hayden Panettiere Buys Whip Cream of the Day

When I see Hayden Panettiere getting out of her car holding a can of Whip Cream, all kinds of ideas of what she’s going to do with that can of Whip Cream run through my head. Like is she going to smear it all over her dick and make some hired slut lick it off like an ice cream cone or is she just sad and in the mood to emotionally eat and watch romantic comedies, or maybe she’s working on a new act for the circus she’s auditioning for as a midget clown, that involves a little slapstick comedy, you know some cream pies (not those kinds of creampies) to the face like she’s one of the Three Stooges and the truth is, I really don’t give a fuck because I am scared of Midget clowns and all their silly stunts so I’ll just post the pictures and leave it to your imagination because I just don’t have the answers…..or picture proof you are looking for. It’s all part of being a waste of internet space and taking that role seriously.

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