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Three White Girls Booty Dancing Video of the Day

Here is a funny video someone sent me of some probably ugly white girls practicing their booty dancing cuz black dudes are the only dudes down with fucking them kinda thing….and for some reason it brought real joy to my life….I am pretty sure it’s the fat ass in the grey shorts is the one coordinating and recruiting her girls into doing this with her, so she’s not alone on her quest to get knocked up by a black dude by 20, cuz you know having a fat ass leaves you with limited options in life when it comes to trying to be sexy, and doing this kind thing without moral support just looks desperate….even though the color of their milky white skin is all a brother needs to get down with them…and they can save shakin’ their ass to when they walk up to the dessert table at the all you can eat buffet….

This is some serious America’s Got Talent or at least has got passion…cuz I know she’s giving it her all and really what better way to start the day than that….Thank you Internet for inspiring me…

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