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Teen Mom Janelle’s Baby Bump of the Day

So MTV did a show called Teen Moms…and this one is one of the scandalous, dirty bag, white trash cunts that instead of getting an abortion like a normal pregnant teen, decided to have a baby cuz it is like playing barbie, and she never had Barbies, cuz based on her faucet, daddy wasn’t around and mommy was too busy sucking dick to make enough money to get decent non-dollar store, made in china, contaminated with poison toys….and luckily for her…this is America…and in America…having a ghetto teen pregnancy can make you famous…like having a ghetto sex tape when you’re an irrelevant LA rich chick can make you a 100,000,000 dollars a year….like being a trash can human bar tender in the shittiest of places in America…can turn you into Snooki…..

Our world is fucked…and here is Teen Mom Janelle showing off her 7 week baby bump…cuz having a baby worked so well for her the first time.

All I see is future criminal.

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