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Woman Gets Her Wigged Pulled Off By a Male Stripper of the Day

Check out this dude’s professionalism, he pulls off the animal bitch is trying to pass off as her hair at some Jacksonville Florida classy male stripper event, and motherfucker doesn’t miss a fuckin’ beat. He just keeps his grind on when we all know deep down inside he’s losing his shit and can’t wait to tell his male strippin’ bredren about his male strippin’ war story and the whole thing is fuckin’ jokes….

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Lindsay Lohan Goes Undercover and Not Under Covers of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Lohan is so sneaky as she shows up to some Driving School bullshit with a wig on so that none of us know it’s her. Unfortunately she didn’t realize that we can spot those tights/leggings from a mile away and all know that the only freckled non-Jew bitch crazy enough to rock a Jewish Outfit of the Day everyday is Lohan.

The inspiring thing about these pictures is not Lohan’s command of acting that makes us believe she isn’t Lohan but the character she’s playing, but it is the whole idea of throwing a wig on your wife to feel like you’re fucking a new chick to add spice to your marriage. I guess the sad thing for you is that you don’t have a wife and your sex doll is one you got on discount and doesn’t have a head, so that the only thing you can do with all those wigs you bought is put them on you and stand in front of the mirror posing because you look so pretty doing it. Fag.

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