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Wildfox Girls by Mark Hunter of the Day


Here are some models named… Jena Goldsack, Alyssah Ali and Clare Settje, showing their bare asses for a clothing brand, because this is the porn generation, these hipsters are the new hippies and believe in free and open love, and most importantly, getting naked together, and even more important that the most imposrtantly, they all have bush and fucking love bush…

So despite Wildfox being designed for cool girls, I like to think they are really speaking to us, because young girl asses…we’re talking three bare asses in their marketing program…is a great sign of the future…filled with nudity on TV and nudity being accepted…thanks to people like Larry Flynt who got paralyzed defending this…so that 30 years later it can just be thrown around so easily…the way it’s supposed to be…

That’s all I have to say about that.

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