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Kimberly Wyatt’s and Her Stripper Dress of the Day

I had to google Kimberly Wyatt because I had no idea who she was, but figured it was my duty to give you a little background on her, mainly because it’s nice to know the events that happen in a bitches life that make them the sluts that they are, like whether she was molested or abused, whether she had a drug addiction, whether she wasn’t hugged enough from her dads, because that information is realy valuable when it comes to manipulating them to bounce on your cock.

So when I saw this bitch in this dress I expected her to be some stripper who got invited to some red carpet event by one of their friends they give lap dances to who like this was Pretty Woman, only she wore her most glamourous dress she got at the sex shop and uses it in her first strip show on Friday nights because Friday is the biggest money making night…..

The windows cut into this discoball lookin’dress give us a tease of various parts of her body in some seriously trashy way and I find it hot, so it only makes sense that she’s the daughter of a trucker but more importantly a Pussycat Doll.

Pics via Fame

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