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Wiola Kowal Slutty in Harper’s Bazaar Turkey of the Day

I thought Turkey people were Muslim. I thought Muslim people hated all things fun.

Looks like these Muslims are less conservative than YOU America. Which makes me wonder, what is really the land of the Free. Is it YOU America who can’t do anything because everything is regulated by big business and the church where everything is illegal…where a nipple is considered porn and where I can’t land an advertiser, meanwhile the Ad exec who rejects me, is doing mountains of coke and fucking his secretary behind the scenes…

YOU are run by uptight conservative Christians or people trying to keep those conservative Christian’s happy…..They don’t realize there is no such thing as god and if there is, he sure as hell wouldn’t be hating on a little nipple, but meanwhile it’s deemed NSFW…

They pump you up with FREEDOM from a young age, to make you think you’re free, like an ugly girl who thinks she’s hot cuz her dad always told her she was….

The whole thing is a hypocritical disaster….but luckily the Muslim’s are doing it right….

Here’s a photoshoot for some magazine in Turkey and there is nipple….

What it comes down to is that it’s scary when you see Muslim countries more progressive than us.

Get your lazy heads out of your fast food, junk food, celebrity obsessions bullshit cuz you’re country is making you fall behind…

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