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Woodbabee Chugs a Drink While Holding Fat Tit of the Day

Woodbabee is some chick who keeps popping up in my feed because the algorithm man….

It wants me to see glamour model looking fat fake titty girls who do some woodworking and carpentry tutorial shit like she was Pam Anderson on Tool Time, only you can probably google her and see her insert tools, or wood she’s lathed into a bat shape, you know whilst doing her cabinet making and carpentry half naked for youtube.

The fact is that I don’t hate on girls who decide to use their slutty big personalities to get noticed or to get paid and I actually celebrate or encourage them to build their slutty content around an interest, a talent, a hobby….whether that’s GOLF, Woodworking, making puzzles, knitting, baking, who fucking cares, as long as it’s not just doing gay ass poses for the camera with intense facial expressions of weirdness.

Anyway, Woodbabee is on vacation where she’s CHUGGING a drink…holding a tit, all for the fun of social media content production because the world is a depraved and wonderful place…..

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