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Kim Kardashian Talks About Her Fitness Video of the Day

So Kim Kardashian’s still doing her workout video, which means she’s gotta get in shape before they start filming, which is exactly what I want out of the person I am using to inspire me to get in shape. You know, someone who was a fat slob of a girl known for having a fat ass and fat tits, who decided that should could make money off this great new concept, so she goes into hardcore workout mode between now and April, so by the time of shooting the DVD she’ll be in good enough shape to make the people who buy it, not use it for jerk off purposes while eating donuts. But you all know as soon as the DVD is shot, she’ll be back to her old ways, this lie is just a money making scheme and I hope it fails, as it fucking should, because she’s got no fucking business talking about anything that involves being fit.

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