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Some Kim Kardashian Behind the Scenes at Her Workout Shoot of the Day

Here’s a video of Kim Kardashian planning her wardrobe for her Workout DVD because I guess this is as close as she gets to ever working out, you know spending 6 hours planning her workout gear, getting exhausted by it, and going to get ice cream on the way, because that’s the only thing that would explain her body.

She’s got no business having a workout video, except if it is to motivate fat chicks into thinkin’ it’s okay being fat, like buying the DVD of her wearing athletic apparel and doin’ lame exercises that don’t work, because all this video really is, is a jerk off video for her male fans, who want to see her strugglin’, sweating and squatting in tight clothes.

The high heeled boots are a nice touch, that shit is always a hit at the fucking gym. You money grubbing cunt.

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