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Xamira for Mise en Cage Campaign of the Day


Mise en Cage is a luxury lingerie brand out of Paris, which for those of you who care, is where lingerie was really invented, because sexy underwear is amazing, so you you have France to thank for those cheap yeast infection inducing sex shop purchased panties the hookers you have sex with wear for you and their 12 other jobs that day..and the Victoria’s Secret mass produced, over priced, sweatshop mall brand underwear their fat wives wear because you buy if for them on holidays thanks to being a consumer…

Their model is named Xamira, one of the weirdest names I’ve seen, I don’t know what her intagram is, I guess you could look for it, I’ve given you enough to run on, I’m too busy looking for my next post because I know all that matters right here and now are these pics of her being half naked and hot as fuck amazing…

Victoria’s Secret should take their lead and start being a little more innovative with their half naked Christian friendly billion dollar a year generating smut….

There’s a video from a year ago..

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