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Xannie Cater for Elle France of the Day


She’s 19, she’s tall enough, she’s a capricorn….whatever the fuck that means…I mean other than you being able to google whether you are compatiable signs, since you’re that lonely…and it brings you hope…

She’s from the UK, or England as it used to be called…I share a queen with her, seeing as I am a Canadian, and I am just surprised she doesn’t look like a toothless, working class, brown toothed, chimney sweeper, with grey skin, eating grey meat and potatos, like all british women I’ve seen…

But instead she’s got a hip name, that is probably a stage name, a hip look, showing hip nipples, because everyone is hip now…an these Elle France, or as I like to call it “L”….because I’m an idiot…but these pics aren’t idiots. They are good.

The other thing that is good…is that she was at one point in time…she was obsessed with pugs…see earlier post to see what I think of that.

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