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Yana is the Aspiring Model of the Day


I saw these pics on my TUMBLR FEED …shot by a dude named Alessandro Casagrande…who is a photographer…and who doesn’t explain why a 45 year old man has a Tumblr,like some kind of sexually predator disguised as a tween… or maybe he does…because TUMBLR, unlike instagram is filled with content I can jerk off to, whether by artists or hipsters…or girls who just like being naked…and I’ve had it for a long enough time to just check in every once in a while to remind myself that it is the place to be on the internet..if you like naked for fashion style pics and porn gifs..

That said, I have no idea who this girl is, but I just wrote a post on MIley’s relationship and feel like I needed a cleanse, since I hate everything hollywood, I don’t like celebrity gossip, and what I am really into is real girls, getting half naked because they want to be famous too…and this no name model…has enough of that in her…but not enough of me in her…to keep me going…

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