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50 Year Old Yasmin Le Bon for Speedo of the Day

You probably don’t know who Yasmin Le Bon is, because I don’t know who Yasmin Le Bon is and I’ve been at this bullshit for a decade.

Sure I have a shitty memory, I have facial recognition blindness, all these bitches look and act the same and kind of blend into each other….not to mention my mind is polluted by all the fame whores who occupy most of the internet’s time…

Well it turns out she’s a 50 year old model…so she’s too old to have ever been an internet sensation, since the internet only went mainstream when she was in her late 30s, already a dated body…

But Speedo booked her for their old lady swimsuit collection, that I guess is SPANX like and here are the pics, even though I hate old ladies and bikini campaigns…and one piece bathings suits…meaning this shit has little going for it.

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