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Yasmin Wijnaldum Model Nipple in a Tank Top of the Day

Yasmin Wijnaldum is some 18 year old model…..who is from the Netherlands and has some ethnically ambigious shit going on with her….and she’s in i-D magazine in a see through tank top showing some nipple…which is magical to those of you who like big massive black nipples on underdeveloped tits of 18 year olds…tall enough to move into that model dream life every 18 year old seems to have because they don’t care about substance or meaning, they care about money, fans and likes…they’ll fucking escort before taking on a real job or actually trying to do something of value or purpose in the world…but then again…prositution is the oldest profession, women been using their pussy for monetization forever…and anything a woman does…even working as a high paid lower…is some level of prostitution….right?

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