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Yasmina Jones Nude Photoshoot of the Day

Yasmina Jones Nude Photoshoot

Yasmina Jones is a titty model doing a nude photoshoot for a titty magazine

I don’t know who she is, but from my extensive research she seems to be an LA based model, possibly an immigrant on an expiring work visa, or maybe even American already…but still out for the fame and glory that comes from moving to LA and hoping someone notices you and gives you a job…and in the process of “networking”…they meet rich connected dudes who want to fuck them…and are often too dumb to close the deal before fucking them…becoming sugar babies, side bitches and all that good stuff..

So, I may not know her, but I do know how LA chicks are…and if they look as good as this…that’s exactly how they should be…I mean not everyone can be a top model, but doesn’t mean they aren’t hot, and don’t deserve the good life…being the arm candy in amazing places, because these girls are hot..

Yasmina Jones Nude Photoshoot

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