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Some Sex in Some Lesbian Movie You’ll Probably Never See of the Day

I have a feeling you will probably never intentionally see the movie “The Kids are All Right”, so I figured I’d post the key two sex scenes, because I actually saw this movie, because I have little to do with my time, and I happened to sneak into a theater and wondered from movie to movie for a day a few months ago, and shit was good, if good means watching the trials and tribulations of an old lesbian couple when their sperm bank made kids go out to find their dad who ends up destroying their lesbian family is good to you….I slept through most of the movie…except for these clips….so here you get to see the goods without feeling like a total fag. You’re welcome.

Here’s Julianne Moore’s naked body in yet another naked scene because that’s what Julianne Moore does. I can only assume her exhibitionism stems from no one wanting to touch her when she was growing up as a red head, you know cuz red heads are monsters, especially before bikini waxes were the norm, something that I bet if you researched would find was invented by a red head.

Sure she’s getting older, but I appreciate her commitment to her art by constantly showing her tit…someone get this bitch a lifetime achievement award…

Here is some black bitch with an afro who I find fucking hot….you may wanna full screen this bitch for the full effect…but remember I’m biased and black chicks drive me bananas…no that wasn’t a racist comment….about how they drive me bananas cuz they have a big supply…you’re the racist for thinking it was….

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