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Yaya Kosikova Titties for Vaga Magazine of the Day

I don’t know who Yaya Kosikova is, but she sounds mail order…and she gets naked for magazine I’ve never heard of which means she’s thirsty. You know this isn’t some “Should I do Playboy to Help Launch My Career like I was Jenny McCarthy shit”…this is “I’ll take off my clothes for whatever the fuck this is, because it is sure better than being cattle prodded in the scary basement by that man with a gun who threatens to kill my family if I don’t get naked on webcam show for him”…you know anything is better than that…so I call this the escape route…unless she’s not even Russian, and her Model agency is just packaging her like she is cuz it’s a good back story to get her booked…and really none of it matters cuz I just saw tits…and so did you.

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Some Chick Named Yaya Kosikova Nude Modeling of the Day

Yaya Kosikova is some Slovakian bitch I’ve never heard of but assume is a retired webcam model because that’s how it works in the Eastern European world…they abduct the young babes, threaten to kill off their families, teach them how to pee on command on camera, and if they become real popular, they sell them to modelling agency in AMerica, where they end up in SI or Victoria’s Secret…and sometimes along the way they do nudes for fashion…I guess this is sometime along the way for Yaya Kosikova…a naked implant model bitch just trying to get ahead in a way far more fun to look at than college….

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Yaya Kosikova Implant Scars on the Beach of the Day

In all my time doing this site, I have never showcased someone I’ve never heard of showing off their breast implant scars on the beach.

I’ve done topless pics, I’ve done bikini pics, I’ve done bathing suits I wish were snow suit pics, and I’ve done fat chicks, skinny chicks, chicks with fake tits, chicks who needed labiaplasty, pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to girls on a beach in picture…

Her name ia Yaya Kosikova. She’s a model. She had implants. I assume cuz she wants to be a Victoria’s Secret model. Or SI model and who cares, cuz she’s doing what all girls with breast implants should be doing, and that’s showing off the new tits like they are a new car or some shit.

I hate fake tits, but I love insecure skinny chicks who are insecure even though they make a living off their looks, making these tits ok by me…Fake or not….Goodtimes. FOLLOW ME

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